Triple Tease (1986)

Triple Tease (1986)

Genre: Softcore Directed by: uncredited Starring: Nikki Randall, Ray Wells
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Genre: Softcore
Directed by: uncredited
Starring: Nikki Randall, Ray Wells

Description: Triple Tease is supposedly the cable version of an adult movie. As to whether a hardcore version of this exact title was ever available is unknown. However, Triple Tease appears to be just a compilation of three scenes from other movies. All of the hardcore sex has been edited out from the scenes and almost all of the original dialog has been stripped from the scenes as well, with one possible exception. New monologue has been added to each scene, all from one point of view. The new dialog is not in any way amusing nor does there really appear to be any thought behind it.

The first scene, titled here “The 'Rolls' Affair,” contains footage that was also used in the 1988 compilation Billionaire Girls Club. This is the only segment that might still contain original audio as the audio sound similar to that used in Billionaire Girls Club. However, I can't be certain of that and I am not sure if the footage was created for Billionaire Girls Club to “featurize” that compilation or if it was taken from another title. In this segment, a girl driving her Rolls Royce takes it to the shop to be worked on and ends up having sex with the female mechanic.

The second segment, titled here “The 'Tennis' Ball,” has a guy who brings a girl to the tennis court. He fakes an injury to be able to stop playing tennis and seduce her. The two have sex on the tennis court. The final segment, titled here “Jet Strip Audition,” features a girl, who is fresh from Georgia to Los Angeles, who goes to a strip club to audition for a competition. She has sex with the male owner.

Country: USA
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Language: English

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