Nightcap Intimate Strangers (1999)

Nightcap Intimate Strangers (1999)

Original title: Nightcap Intimate Strangers Genre: Erotic, Scripted Series Director: David Nicholas Stars: Tane McClure, Kim Yates, Nikki Fritz
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Double Image
Trina and an old college flame reunite for a passionate weekend, things get interesting when one indiscretion begets another.

Seductive Fortune
Nikki consoles a beautiful customer, Josephine, after she catches her husband cheating. Nikki and Josephine connect in the most intimate of ways.

One Night Affair
Kim becomes a voyeur at her best friends (Mimi's) request. She watches Mimi fulfill her fantasy the night before her wedding, while fulfilling hers in the shadows.

Making Believe
Kim, who is frustrated with the dating scene, decides to pay a gigolo for sex. It is all she had hoped for and more.

Sexual Competitors
Kim and Nikki set mutual friends up on a blind date. "The best blind date of their life", turns into $50,000.00 sexual adventure.

Kim is enlightened to the world of an open marriage and the fantasies that have entwined the couples 10 years of marriage.

Physical Desire
Mary, a waitress hired for the summer is determined to have a fling without commitment but discovers she is far more interested in Justin than she wanted to admit.

Forbidden Lust
Tom is feeling like crap because he slept with his best friends wife. He explains the situation to Nikki who tells him to get past it. Unbeknownst to any of them, Tom is set up on a date with Kim.

His Little Games
Kim was feeling smothered by boyfriend Simon a year ago. A year later, she tells Trina that it is okay for her to go after Simon. Will there be any regrets for anyone involved?

Illicit Affairs
Loren walks in on her boyfriend having sex with another woman. After a spending time at the bar with Nikki, Loren decides to get revenge by seducing a guy from work, Bob.

Vivid Imagination
Brad is a lover of women. He tries to convince Nikki to have a threesome with him. When Nikki talks about it to her friends she finds out that Kerry's lover asked the same thing.

Sense of Touch
Trina meets Jack in a chat room. They have such a good time that they decide to meet in person. However, that is more complicated than they imagined.

Everyone Has a Price
The bar is having financial problems. An investment banker offers them the $4000 if they go home with him.

Original title: Nightcap Intimate Strangers
Year: 1999
Genre: Erotic, Scripted Series
Production Co: MRG Entertainment
Director: David Nicholas
Stars: Tane McClure, Kim Yates, Nikki Fritz

Country: USA
Duration: 13 x 26 min
Language: English

Quality: SATRip
Format: AVI / MP4
Size: 275 - 630 MB

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